Benefits for business

Corporate Social

A clear-cut Corporate Social Responsibility strategy is a must have for any organization. Strengthen your brand and enhance your customer loyalty by integrating SafeDrive in your CSR program. SafeDrive is a valuable tool for your CSR program, which addresses an especially hot topic – the safety of people, by taking an important step towards improving road safety.

Cost saving due to
accident decrease

Whether a SME, an insurance, or a leasing- provider, every organization with a car fleet can benefit from the use of the SafeDrive app. Less smartphone distractions lead to fewer car accidents, and therefore, an increase in cost savings on car damages and employees’ health care.

Get new driver

As a platform, SafeDrive delivers highly valuable data for insurance companies. We gather data and build data profiles of your clients’ based on their smartphone usage while driving. Additionally, SafeDrive is also able to tailor the data reports and measure driving behavior such as acceleration, average speed and rate of breaking.


Reward your employees and/or clients with (business related) product/service offerings from the integrated in the app marketplace or give them personal discounts based on their smartphone usage. Build and nurture long lasting relationships with your employees and/or clients.

branded app

We can white label the SafeDrive app, customizing it to match the look and feel of your company. We take into account your specific needs for functionalities and marketplace features. We take care of development, hosting, maintenance and support.

KM registration

For business drivers, we can implement a kilometer registration feature. With this feature the driver is able to make a distinction between private and business related trips. This information is provided in a spreadsheet ready to use by the employer or the tax authorities. No more messy Excel tables to fill in after every trip!

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Do you know that...

Case study: AutoModus appInterpolis. Glashelder.

The Interpolis experiment has shown that the AutoModus app significantly reduces smartphone usage behind the wheel.

Out of the 645 young drivers that participated in the AutoModus experiment, 89% were found to use their smartphone while driving. The majority of the participants don’t even recognize the danger of their behavior. Additionally, the results from the research state that the using the AutoModus app has a positive influence on drivers’ behavior and reduces smartphone usage behind the wheel.

 AutoModus app

63% Find using the
app enjoyable.

76% Find the app
easy to use

60% Would recommend
the app to others

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